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 The Miss World's Sash 2013!

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The Miss World's Sash 2013! Empty
MensajeTema: The Miss World's Sash 2013!
The Miss World's Sash 2013! GejDcrdDom Sep 08, 2013 9:56 pm
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A Quick look at the Miss World Homepage tells me that we are only 43 days away from the Miss World 2013 final, which means we are only 43 days away from crowning the new Miss World!
However, it’s not just the crown which symbolizes Miss World, it is also the beautiful sash that she will be presented with on the night that makes Miss World shine, and the presentation ceremony at the culmination of Miss World is a memorable event, one of the biggest moments in the life of the winner.
To that end we make sure that only the finest materials and masterful handiwork go into the creation of our sashes. For several weeks now this process has been underway, produced by the prestigious Hand & Lock, expert embroiderers who count many Royals, including the Queen of England, as their valued customers since their founding in 1767. Continuing the great new design of the previous two years, the sash will be a light blue colour, with crystals sewn into the silk for extra sparkle!
Hand & Lock have sent us a sneak peak of this year’s sash, which one lady will be walking away with on September the 28th at the Sentul International Convention Center!
The Miss World's Sash 2013! MissWorldSash2013Inthemaking
Painstaking care is taken to ensure the Miss World Sash is perfect. Countless hours go into the handcrafted design.
The Miss World's Sash 2013! MissWorldSash2013Inthemaking2
Here we can see the crystals that have been delicately sewn into the silk.
Who will be Miss World 2013? Find out on the 28th of September!

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The Miss World's Sash 2013!
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