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Tag bahamasstrong en Reinas de Belleza ❀ ELITE BEAUTIES AI50v3LArgumento: candidatas a miss universe 2019. final: 8 dec. sede: atlanta.

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Buscar en: ♕ REINAS DE BELLEZA   Tag bahamasstrong en Reinas de Belleza ❀ ELITE BEAUTIES 8nescdgTema: candidatas a miss universe 2019. final: 8 dec. sede: atlanta.    Tag bahamasstrong en Reinas de Belleza ❀ ELITE BEAUTIES GejDcrdVie Nov 15, 2019 4:50 pm
miss bahamas, tarea sturrup.
Tag bahamasstrong en Reinas de Belleza ❀ ELITE BEAUTIES I1PUzN

Tarea Sturrup would best describe herself as a trailblazer. Her ultimate goal in life is to help other Bahamians establish opportunities, cultivate talent, and improve the quality of life for her fellowmen. Working with her church has been second nature and a humanitarian spirit has always been a part of TareaÕs character. Tarea has also worked with Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity to establish Pet Therapy at Oakwood University as an effort to stimulate mental health awareness. Tarea has also spearheaded missions with the Enactus USA: WAU Chapter as a project manager in 2016, a non-profit organization is geared toward developing communities through small businesses. She was then elected Chapter President in 2017, leading her team to a Regional Championship where they were rewarded for their successes in local business development (through increased revenue and rebranding) and providing relief for victims of sex trafficking. More recently, TaereaÕs volunteer work has benefited her country. She has been instrumental with several organizations to provide Hurricane Dorian Relief in the Bahamas, coining the hashtag #BahamasStrong. Tarea has worked with these Humanitarian Organizations: Hands for Hunger, one of the largest food distribution bodies in the Bahamas, assisted in feeding thousands during the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, Head Knowles and The Fox Foundation, a non-profit organizations that provided relief materials and emergency services, and Chefs For Bahamas with Jose Andres, where she cooked meals for the evacuees. Tarea also partnered with Washington Adventist University, Maryland to provide a full semester of learning for students from the University of the Bahamas who were affected by Hurricane Dorian. She has been a part of numerous fundraising efforts and initiatives to assist survivors of Hurricane Dorian and has made appeals to the corporate Bahamas and the world to support the mission of coming together in support of the multi-million-dollar damage that has affected the islands of the Bahamas. She has been a member of many choirs geared toward volunteerism, including Voices of Triumph (from Huntsville, Alabama) and South Bahamas Conference Mass Youth Choir (from Nassau, Bahamas). TareaÕs dearest passion stems from working with her grandmother who suffers with dementia. She is actively involved in bringing awareness to the illness and promoting mental health preservation.
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